About Your Photoshoot

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Photoshoots can be a tremendously fun, enjoyable experience.  Here are some tips for a successful session:  

If children are a part of the photoshoot, pick a time that they will be at their best - for small kids this can be in the morning or after a nap.  Avoid times when kids might be hungry or tired.  For many teens, mornings are out and evenings are best.

Keep in mind that the light for outdoor shoots is best in the early evenings or in the mornings, unless we are shooting in a shaded area.

I am happy to travel to your favorite location, and also have suggestions for great places we can go for neat outdoor shots.

Wear simple clothes that make you feel comfortable - and avoid writing and logos.  If you are doing a group shot, pay attention to how the colors people are wearing look when they are together. Some families like to wear the same or similar clothing, which can be fun but isn't necessary. Clothing with texture (such as sweaters and denim) photograph beautifully. I'm happy to have folks change clothes mid-session for a different look. (If you have a child insisting on wearing something other than what you would choose keep in mind that agreeing to an outfit change mid-session might be a good negotiation tool that can please everyone). Having children wear their favorite outfit or one that shows their personality often make better, more memorable photographs than formal attire.

Pay attention to footwear as it often appears in the photographs.

You are welcome to bring items that express your uniqueness to include in some of your photographs. Sports equipment, instruments, a favorite toy, etc...can help a photograph tell a story.

On a similar note, I am happy to travel to athletic events or other activities to make photographs of people in their element. I love when my clients get creative!

Pets are always welcome to participate, both in my studio and on outdoor shoots. Plan to have some shots with the pet and some without. If you have a dog, I recommend that you walk/fetch/run him/her before the shoot. Bring treats if they work, and a leash.

Let me know if you or anyone in your group has any special needs that could affect the shoot, so I can do my best to be sure everyone is comfortable. On a similar note, I understand that not everyone is anxiety-free in front of the camera - don't worry, part of my job is to help you relax and enjoy the experience!

Don't hesitate to ask if you have other questions - I look forward to working with you!

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